Warhammer 40k FAQs are up

Warhammer 40,000 FAQ Now Available

Personally, I like that Death Guard didn’t get hit in any real way and actually gained a viable unit. I’ve not been through all of the FAQs yet but happy to see the confirmation that Disgustingly Resilient works on Mortal Wounds.

The Daemons list – Daemon Prince of Chaos got a little nerf bringing it down to 8 wounds to match the normal one and both can take wings now, although I guess it’s assumed the Daemons list version will always take them as it’s power level cost of 11 did not get reduced. The normal Daemon Prince’s wings cost +1 power level bringing it to 11.

An odd ruling to me is if a Poxwalker kills a Necron a Poxwalker is added to the unit. However, if the Necron gets back up they also get the model back in their unit. So no one died yet a Poxwalker is created from a robot? Anyway…

I may add to this post as I read the other FAQs but I’m not sure how much the changes affect those lists as I’ve only played Death Guard in 8th edition.

What changes do you like/dislike? Hit up the comments below!

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