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Just a little info about the changes to the website in the last couple of days. Hopefully, you like the changes and please let me know if you would like anything added, changed or removed.

First up, I’ve changed the theme and will look at finding a better free one or probably licensing this one to expand its features for me. This is a more magazine style theme but that’s all unlocked, a lot of the changes so far are under-the-hood so to speak so while you don’t see them they make my life a bit better. Also, they hopefully make this a nicer site to look at and get to the information contained within it.

Second up, I’ve added a shop to the site. This is for club merchandise if people want to buy a product have a look and make you order. You can pay via Paypal, it’s just easier for you and us to keep track of things that way as it’s secure, online only and can be traced easily if there are issues. Currently, I’m unsure of stock so will add that as I get the information – there will be mugs, clo,thing and dice in the future and all the profit goes back into the club. I’ve also added a multi-choice donation product, please consider donating what you can to the club as it helps pay for the rent increases, scenery, boards, etc that you all love playing with.

Third up, I put forward and the club decided on removing the forums from the website. They generate next to zero traffic and understandably club members just seem to prefer Facebook. Therefore I’ve taken the menu item away and replaced it with a link to the club Facebook page instead. The forums are still around for now but once I find a better use for the database they are sat on I will remove them completely.

Fourth up, I’ve taken the liberty of adding all of the members that signed up to the forums as Subscribers to the website. I can then easily make you authors or admins as needed. I’d like to get good stuff posted up here, articles, battle-reports, club trips, tournaments, on-the-road stuff, etc… Obviously I’d like this to be a community effort so if you have something interesting to write up let me know and I will give you the ability to post up to the feed.

I think that’s all folks!

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