The PitsHammer Open Blood Bowl League

The league is live now so head over and join the Club group here:

I’ll get some information typed up very soon to try and make sense of all the league ins and outs but you can’t go far wrong with using the info and options below:

Starting teams get 1,000,000 (1million) Gold Pieces to found their team. You must purchase team members, re-rolls, inducements. You can also attract up to 2 Star Players per game as free agents. Write down any left over gold pieces in your teams treasury. You will find that 1,000,000 barely gets you an 11 so you may have to opt for more than sub-optimal squads for the first couple of games. Everyone is in the same locker room – don’t worry!
Use the player costs either on your teams cards or as found in the 1st and 2nd BB Almanacs (for 2016 edition) Cards take precedence over the Almanacs where applicable.

You can start with a team of less than 11 players if they are expensive.
Play games and fill the results out on the Google sheet (link is an announcement in the private group)

After your games you should go through the post-match process to find out what happens to injured players, how much money you get for the game, etc… Make a note of everything on your roster sheet and get your team patched up for the next game.

Ah the smell of Deep Heat in the morning!

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